Women & Children on the Goldfields

By: Matthew


In 1854 in Ballarat there were about 4023 women and 12 600 men in the gold fields. Most women were married and only five percent were single. As the years went by more and more women came. By Decemeber 1852 there was about 12 000 children at the Victorian diggings.


Conditions were poor on the goldfields. Many children died because of foul muddy waters they had to drink. People died from whooping cough, measles and other diseases because there were no hospital. Cemetries were set up to bury the dead.

Women helped other women give birth because nurses and medicines were limited. Often, a male would play the role of 4 or 5 professionals.It was common that a doctor also the communities barber and dentist


Children often moved schools because their parents had to mine different places. If no teachers arrive at school each day, they had to wait until one arrives.

Some women were teachers.They taught in tents. If kids can't fit they had to sit on benches. Teachers had to live in tents.

Roles and Responsibilties

Women on the goldfields would be responsible for


2. Singing and dancing for diggers

3.Some women were diggers

4.Shop keepers

5.Caring for children

6.Make bread,butter and jam