Font History

Jokerman Font

Jokerman font is an ornamental font and has funky forms and a few alternate letters. The original use for the Jokerman font is still the same today, which is for logos. Jokerman font is great for logos because of it's exciting and different appearance.
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Times New Roman Font

Times New Roman Font is a serif type font and is used to type most papers. Times New Roman is a proportionally type font and has decorative type lines added to the end of letters. Times New Roman Font was first made for the British Times newspaper and it's current use today is for typing papers, books, and newspapers.
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Brush Script Std

Brush Script Std font is a script type font. It's a script type font because it looks like someone wrote it and it's in cursive. Brush Script Font was first used for poster, retailers, and advertisers. This font today is used for some movie tiles and shows.
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