Martin Luther: Saint or Sinner?

By: Autumn McIntyre

Why Martin Luther is a Saint

Martin Luther brought attention to the people on just how to corrupt the Church really was. Martin Luther believed that the Church couldn't go around fooling people and saying that buying a slip of paper would be a ticket to Heaven, and that the Church could not decide who could and could not go to Hell. He brought clarity and realization to the people and made them realize how the Church had an unfair strong hold.

He made people realize that the Church was amoral and untrustworthy because the Church could not trick people into believing that God said they had to buy an indulgence or make up new reasons as to why the people had to give money to the Church. Martin Luther acted as a salvation and shed light to make people believe that sins are forgiven by actions rather than slips of paper, that the Church's action weren't justifiable, and that every citizen had the opportunity for more freedom and to do more things than they can realize.

Martin Luther fought for his beliefs and the people's rights, which is something the Church can never say they did.

Martin Luther: Also a Sinner

In Martin Luther's actions, he went against the Church. He tried to tell the Church why he was right and why they were wrong, then took people away from the Church. Martin Luther defied the Church in all ways possible. By going against the Church's beliefs, he sinned and disrespected the Church.

By nailing the 95 Theses to the Church door, he showed utter disrespect and showed that he really was sinning because he was publicly, and willingly, going against the Church. Because of his actions, Martin Luther was excommunicated by the Church and sentenced to death because of heresy. Martin Luther committed the highest offence and was suppose to get punished, but instead he managed to escape death.

Everything Martin Luther said and did went against the Church, and in that era of time, the Church was the most important and powerful thing in everyone's lives.

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