The Controversy of Euthanasia

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Definition of Euthanasia

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Euthanasia in Mice of Men

A display of Euthanasia is shown in the book Mice of Men at the end of the last chapter.

One of the characters named Lennie suffers from mental retardation and another character name George shoots him in the end to put him out of his misery because Lennie was always getting in trouble and wouldn't have the intellect to handle being in jail for his mistakes. Should he have done it? Or should he have just let him go to jail and suffer? Did George HELP him in a way?


Some people may not see any type of positivity in euthanasia but others may disagree. The people who want someone to assist them in their suicide attempt will disagree. Someone who knows they are going to suffer for the rest of their lives don't want to suffer. There is no living when you have to suffer so why not just die? Even thought everybody has the right to live, does another person have the right to tell another person that the HAVE to live?


The only good part about euthanasia is that the person who is suffering will not be suffering anymore. But there is also a downside to this. Now not only is the person who passed on is gone, but now their family may or may not be suffering now as well. In Mice of Men, Lennie was suffering. He may have not known he was suffering but George knew, which is the reason George put Lennie out of his suffering even though Lennie didn't have much of a choice Was George in the WRONG?

Decision about Euthanasia

In 1997 while the debate over euthanasia was still going on there was decisions to be made whether or not it should be legal.

Euthanasia in 1997

Not too long ago just in the 90s people still was debating over euthanasia. There became a law that a sick patient can not ask to die by their doctor or in any other suicide situation because any type of murder is illegal no matter in the person asked to die or not. and if you help whoever it is commit suicide you will be charged with a felon with jail time and a fine.

Is it Ethical? In the Late 1900s a man named Jack Kevorkian invented a machine that to help terminally ill people end their lives of suffering. The reason why he did this is because he thought that it was ethical because these people were suffering. Later on in his life and in the later 1900s he actually was imprisoned for his actions and was charged with murder.

What do YOU think ?

This topic is so controversial all over the world. And even though it IS illegal would you help/murder someone who was going to suffer for the rest of their life anyways? Or is it against your morals? Would you feel guilty or proud? How would YOU handle being put in this situation if someone had asked you to assist them in a suicide attempt? The choice is up to you.

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