Come to the Gladiator Games!

Announced by the emperor.

Are you ready to see some fights?

If you like watching intense battles between gladiators come on out to the Colosseum! There will be a total of 2 fights (fights are listed below). There will also be other events besides fighting. But it will all be fun! So if you want to have a day full of fun then make sure to save the date! (schedule listed below also)!

Information about the event!

-It costs $6 dollars to attend.

- There will be bread passed out halfway through the day. Only a small amount.

- There is a place where you can buy additional bread and fruit. And Buy Drinks.

- Plenty of fights!! We will keep you entertained!!

Who's fighting??

Atticus- Hoplomachi (heavy-weapons fighter). Very Strong and skilled. Wins:4 Losses:2. Ready to put up a fight with anyone.

Caesar- Thraces fighter. Skilled and very competitive. Wins:3 Losses:3. "Come ready and prepared if your fighting me" -Caesar

Maximus- Mirmillones fighter. Skillful, very strong, very competitive, always prepared. Wins:6 Losses:0 "haven't lost and don't plan on it" -Maximus

Octavius- Thraces fighter. Very Skillful and strong, always ready to fight. Wins: 5 Losses:1. Always mentally and physically prepared for a fight against anyone.

Gladiator Games

Saturday, June 20th, 12-5pm

1 Piazza del Colosseo

Roma, Lazio


-Atticus vs. Caesar

-Bread gets passed around. Get the chance to get extra bread and get drinks.

-Maximus vs. Octavius

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