Outsiders Soundtracks

Hero by Enrique Iglesias

When Ponyboy and Johnny killed the social they went to Dally to get help. Dally told the about a church that they would be able to go on the country side to lay low. Dally went to them and fed the breakfast and gave Ponyboy the letter that Soda wrote to him. Dally also pulled Johnny out of the fire that was happening in the church. Ponyboy and Johnny also save kids from the fire. " I can be your hero" are the lyrics that apply to these actions.
Enrique Iglesias - Hero

In the end by Linkin Park

In the outsiders it was mentioned how Johnny was always beat and not cared for by his parents so to his parents "In the End" it didn't matter to them that he died. Dallas also didn't really have people who cared about him besides his gang. At the end of chapter 3 after Darry had hit Ponyboy Johnny said how he prefers when his dad because he at least knows that Johnny is around.
Linkin Park - In The End

Till' I Collapse/ The rumble

When the rumble was going on nothing was going to stop them from doing it. This song basically says that they basically wont give up and neither were the Greasers.
Till I Collapse-Lyrics (clean)

Fly me to the Moon

When Ponyboy came home late he got in trouble because he got in trouble for falling asleep in the parking after looking at the stars and the sunset.
Frank Sinatra - Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words) |Lyrics|


Ponyboy and his brother always have each others back and its the same with the gang. also Ponyboy after pony boy ran away in the end of chapter 3 because of darry hitting him, he ran with Johnny and they had a really close bond after that. Ponyboy also refused to believe that Johnny had died because it didn't seem like it. Johnny had risked his life for other kids. It he song says "I'd catch a grenade for you" which is basically what they also did in the rumble they risked they're lives for one another and all came together from different places and fought together.
Bruno Mars - Grenade [OFFICIAL VIDEO]