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Mesopotamia was located near the Persian Gulf and Arabian Desert, also near Egypt . The two rivers located were named the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers. Did you know that Mesopotamia means [land] between the rivers? This is a map of Mesopotamia and where it is located. Do you want to know how far Mesopotamia is from elm city middle?

5246.71 miles


Mesopotamia had a lot of city's this is a picture showing where they are and what there title is.
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There is a lot of details and stories from the past but I'm here to tell you some of them.

Some of the requirements to have a civilization is you have to do what the leader tells you, you also have to give your harvest to the gods like paying rent, if you don't you will work (become a slave) until you pay it off.

Hammrabi's laws that I like

1.) if a man has accused another of laying a nertu [death spell] upon him, but has not proved it, he shall be put to death.

2.) if a man has stolen goods from a temple or house, he shall be put to death; and he that has received the stolen property from him shall be put to death as well.

3.) if a man has stolen a child, he shall be put to death.

4.) if she has not been discreet, has gone out, ruined her house, belittled her husband, she shall be drowned.

5.) if son has struck his father his hands shall be cut off.

This is a timeline showing what happened

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Farming and agriculture

Farming was very useful, and still is. Farming is now and back in Mesopotamia is it used to get food mesopotamia has rich fertil soil that had lots of nutrients they also lived near two major rivers that helped them a lot to.

Agriculture is useful to, if you know it you can make clothing from wool and farm better.

How did poisoned fields lead to the fall of Mesopotamia

The people who wanted to conquer mesopotamia poisoned their fields so it would be easier to do