MLC: End of September


Back-to-School/Curriculum Night Follow-up

Thanks to everyone who was able to participate in the Back-to-School/Curriculum Night last night. We appreciate everyone's time in what is a challenging moment for our city and country in many ways. It was great to see everyone and we hope to see you again soon, virtually or in person.

There were some videos that were prepared for Back-to-School/Curriculum Night that we want to make sure you have a chance to view, in addition to the Electives video shown last night. There are links to videos about the library in the article below about materials pick-up.

Electives Video

Kx5 Art Video


If you're interested in helping with the electives program at MLC, please fill out the form below or email Susan Beaird at This is a great opportunity to support MLC providing an interesting school experience for students.

If you need to contact a school staff member, please click on the link below.

Student-body Cards for High School Students on Monday, October 5th

Dorian Studios will be at MLC on Monday, Oct 5th from 12:30-3:00. It is an opportunity for high school families to order a school picture packet and get a Metropolitan Learning Center school ID with the Tri-Met Hop Pass embedded chip.

Take advantage of the opportunity!

Pictures will be taken in the school commons by the auditorium (because KCLC is in the cafeteria) and students will enter one at a time through the main entrance on the east side of the building. Please remember safety precautions: wear a mask and social distancing.

Dorian Studios will be sending on-line ordering information to student and parent emails. Payment envelopes will be available for orders placed at the door but the studio prefers that students use the on-line method when possible.


12:30 9th graders

1:00 10th graders

1:30 11th graders

2:00 12th graders

2:30 Make-up time for students that missed their appt window.

Don't miss out!

Once we have more information about what is happening second quarter, we will let you know what is happening in regards to pictures for Kx8.

Reminder: Pick-up Times for Materials

Teachers will let you or students know if there is anything to pick-up at the school. Materials pick-up starting on Monday, October 5th will be at the front door of the school, not the cafeteria door, because KCLC will be using the cafeteria. Masks and social-distancing are required during materials pick-up.

Pick-up times Kx12

Monday 1:00-3:00

Thursday 10:00-2:00

Initially, we were going to have different times for Kx8 and 9x12. We're going to combine them to provide as much flexibility as possible for families. Also, if these times don't work for you, please send an email to Mark is in the building on a regular basis throughout the week and will work to find a time that is convenient for you.

Again, please make sure your child's teacher has said there is something to pick-up. We don't want families coming for materials only to find they didn't need to make the trip.

If you can't come to the school to pick-up materials, please fill out the appropriate form below and we'll figure out a way to deliver materials.

MLC Kx6 Materials Delivery Request Form:

MLC 7x8 Materials Delivery Request Form:

MLC 9x12 Materials Delivery Request Form:

See info below about MLC Library book pick-up:

Tim will be available from 9:00-12:00 on Thursdays.

From Nurse Lori

Greetings to all Families from your School Nurse, Lori Elder BSN, RN

Flu season is here and it’s never too early or too late to get your flu shot. I recently got mine! The flu shot remains our best defense against contracting the flu. It is especially important now due to the COVID-19 pandemic to protect yourself against the flu. The County Health Department provides the following information about the flu.

-The flu is a contagious disease caused by influenza germs.

-Flu can lead to mild to serious illness, and can sometimes lead to hospitalization and death. -Flu is spread from person to person by coughing, sneezing, talking or singing.

-Adults and children should get a flu shot each year. Flu vaccine is very safe.

-You should also stay home if you are sick. Cover coughs and sneezes, and wash your hands frequently with soap and water, or use a hand sanitizer to avoid getting sick.

Please contact me at if you have any questions or need resources to access health care in general.

Need your help: Pictures of Distance Learning

If you have any pictures of your kids participating in Distance Learning that you'd be willing to share in the newsletter, please let us know. It could be individual pictures, pods, etc. It can be fun for students to see pictures in the newsletter of themselves, classmates, and parents/guardians.

Progress Reports, Statewide Inservice Day

MLC Office Request Form

Please submit a request in this form if you need something from the MLC Office staff.

PPS Password Resets

If you need to reset your child's PPS password, please fill out form at link below.

Technology Request Form

If you need to borrow technology from PPS, please click on link below:

Contact Info

Mark Van Hoomissen
School phone: 503-916-5737
Cell phone: 503-577-7126