Life as we know it in Athens

Facts about Athens Government

  • Athens were one of the most powerful cities in Greece because of their government. At first they started out as an oligarchy like Sparta, but then developed the government of Athenian democracy. They were one of the first cities to develop democracy, which took an active part in the running of the Athenian government. The Athenian democracy held mostly male citizens, who could serve on juries and make important decisions about the city. Not everyone could vote or be a part of the government, farmers and foreigners were banned to be participating in the government, and women and children were not allowed to vote.
  • Athens hired Scythian slaves to gather citizens to attend the public assembly. The Pnyx is the home of the people who attend the assembly, and get paid for staying there. Between them they carried rope that is covered in red paint. In case someone tried not to attend the assembly, they would know not to pay anyone with red paint on them at the assembly.

Facts about athens education and economy

  • The city of Athens was an awesome place for art and literature. Writers, artists and philosophers would beg the Athens, where they could work and think in freedom. Then, later on, Athens built a building called Painted Stao, inside were halls that were covered in paintings artists painted. Some went their to meet and talk or just to get out of the sun. Most of the time you see philosophers discussing their ideas to anyone who would listen.
  • The city Athens held many incredible buildings in the Agora. The Agora is where alot of people go from early in the morning and late at night. The reason for that is, Agora is a center of all business, trade and activity relating to the government. The Agora held prisons, Tholos, Bouleuterion, Law courts, Royal and Painted Stoa, Hephaisteion, The Mint, an Academy, Kerameikos, Court side, and the Assembly. Since men have to provide food for their family, they need to work. The Agora is full of businesses so, anyone can get a job that fits their role in Athens. For example, if you know or like to play music or are an acrobat. Then you should probably go to the symposium, ask if they need any entertainment. They should pay you a good amount of money.

Life In The City Of Athens

  • Boys in Athens in the morning usually go to their tutor's house to learn about adventures or stories something similar to "Adventures of Odysseus". Then head to the academy where they will train. Two things they do in the academy is practice wrestling, and boxing outside in the heat. After training, they sit under a shady tree to cool off after being in the hot sun. Then, go home to their family and have dinner.
  • Wealthy Athenian citizens head straight to the Agora when day light hits. They usually participate in debates, for as Perkiles said" Athenians should regard a man who takes no interest in public affairs not as apathetic, but as completely useless". After listening to all the debates of the day, they would get ready to go to the symposium for the night. They are provided with food, and wine and water to be mixed. Then, are entertained by the musicians, We don garlands, and acrobats. They then wake up the next morning and head back home to their family.
  • Farmers wake up before everyone, and leave their home and be in Athens in time for the allocation of jury duty for the day. After they have been assigned a job, they would into a courtroom. In the courtroom is where people make a speeches. They tell the crowd that they are not guilty for something the government think they did. After the speech, the crowd gets to decide if the person is guilty or not by putting a stone into the urn. After the decision has been made, the farmers get paid for attending the trail and go home in time for dinner.