Hollandaise Sauce

By: Sarah Wroblewski, Amanda Wisslead, and Brooke Long


Hollandaise sauce was originated in France, and called "Sauce Isigny" after a town in Normandy that was known for its butter. The first written recipe for hollandaise sauce was seen in a Dutch cookbook by Carel Baten; dated about 1593.

Preparation Methods

-Basic Ingredients - Egg yolks, cream, melted butter, lemon juice, salt and Cayenne pepper

-General Tips: If your sauce begins to curdle, finish by adding butter as best as you can. Remove sauce to a small bowl, clean the pot and put a fresh egg yolk in it. Start over again, using the curdled sauce as if it were the butter.

How to Make Hollandaise Sauce:

You need to clarify your butter; which involves heating the butter and skimming off the milk solids in your butter (which will appear as the white floating stuff on top)
Whisk the egg yolks together (over a pot of simmering water) with the water, slowly adding your butter, lemon juice, and other seasoning you wish to add (typical of a hollandaise sauce would be tarragon, salt, and pepper; fairly simple and easy) Don't have the heat on too high, or your eggs will curdle, and you will ruin your sauce.
Serve this sauce with fish or chicken
How to Make Hollandaise Sauce

Sauces Derived from Hollandaise

- Bearnaise sauce; which is a hollandaise; in which the acidifying agent (typically lemon juice) is replaced with a strained reduction of vinegar, herbs (usually tarragon and chervil are the most common) shallots and freshly ground pepper

-Sauce au Vin Blanc, which is a hollandaise for fish; it has a reduction of white wine and fish stock added to it as well

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