Multiplying and dividing decimals

By: Daniel and Eric

Why you need to know how to multiply decimals.

If you are on a road trip you will have to stick to a budget and if you stay a hotel for more then one day you might have to plan ahead on how much you will have to pay. You would also have to know that with gas. You would see how many times you need to get gas and how much it costs. Those are reasons you should know how to multiply decimals.

How to multiply decimals

Now that you know why you need to know how to multiply decimals this actually how you do it. First you DON'T line up the decimals but then it's just like multiplying two digit numbers then when your done you count the numbers that are behind the decimal then you put the decimal that many digits into the number then you put the decimal there then there is your answer and remember NEVER line up decimals.
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first you divide normally like there is no decimal until you get no remainder. Then you put the decimal in the spot that it regularly was before

Example in real life

If you had lunch or dinner with some friends and wanted to split the bill equally among each other you would have to divide decimals.
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