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Week of September 19th

Weekly Reminders & Upcoming Events

Sept 19th - Safety Committee Meeting at 8:10 am in LGI

Sept 20th - PTA meeting at 6:15 pm in Stephanie Joyce's room

Sept 21st - BOE meeting 7 pm in the HS LGI

Sept 22nd- Lincoln Leadership Team meeting at 8:10 am in the LGI

A reminder that a sample lesson plan from each teacher is due this week. There is a correction to the initial request that the lesson did not need to be teacher specific. That is incorrect. The lesson does need to be teacher specific. Please have your name on the lesson when submitted. I apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your assistance. The lesson helps me learn about where we are with respect to particular lesson components. This baseline information will be of benefit to the building leaders' understanding of where we are now and where we will be moving forward.

Dismissal Updates

We are seeing improvement and continued progress with our dismissal procedures.

A couple tweaks

Becca, Meredith, Kathy and Martha assisted with dismissal by coming up to the main foyer to be an extra set of eyes. This is definitely helped. Adding one additional teacher to the dismissal rotation each week will enhance the process. The teacher assigned that week will leave with their last wave of students and come to the main foyer to assist with the dismissal process.

Elaine, Tami and Stephanie already have dismissal duties in the UPK hallway so they will not be included in this rotation. Why this adjustment? Mez, MaryLou, Sue, Rose, Gen, Dawn and Nancy are not always in the building during dismissal. That is a net loss for us in terms of adult supervision. With the one additional teacher each week helping out in the manner stated, I believe we will have an even smoother dismissal process. The help will be greatly appreciated.

The bus runners will be responsible for collecting the bus signs. The signs have a small pink or black dot on the bottom of the sign. Please place all the signs with the pink dot in Kathy Chamber's mailbox and the signs with the black dot in Christine Kriwox's mailbox.

Bus Wave Locations

On several occasions we have missed a bus that has entered and pulled to the front near the playground. As a result, we continue to load students onto their bus but miss the front bus. This has happened with bus 72, so the location where kids line up for bus 72 has changed. The bus line for bus 72 will relocate from the upper hall to the front of the office so those 5-6 students are not forgotten.

Additionally, I was made aware there was a map that Tony used last year. Visuals always help. When the new map is complete, it will be a resource for those assisting with dismissal. Thank you, Tony.

"Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one. Every day, from here to there, funny things are everywhere." - Dr. Seuss

As the days continue, we must remember humor and enthusiasm.

These attributes are essential along with lesson components, collaboration, and reflection. This week I saw students giggling and laughing in Mrs. Groot's class as they waddled around to wake up their brains. The use of humor creates a positive learning environment.

In Mrs. Erb's class there was energy and a shared excitement for learning as the staff joined students in singing about the days of the weeks and the months in a year. Shared smiles and movement engaged students in the activity.

Think about lightening the mood. Smile and laugh with students. Ignite your passion and share your enthusiasm.