by Trenton Lee Stewart

Preveiw Summary

Join Reynie ,Kate, Sticky and Constance in there third adventure against Mr. Curtain and his ten men to see if it`s the end of the MYSTERIOUS BENEDICT SOCIETY!

I recommend this book for 3rd to 5th grade and ages 9 to 11 .It has 391 pages. This book was published by Little, brown and company in 2009.

There are other books in the series you should read. Other series' are the Harry Potter series and the secret series.
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I rank this book 4.3 stars. In my opinion it would be better if the book was longer by 40-50 pages. The base frame is interesting and is better with the plot twists. Also it has a good enemy.

Quote me

  • Mr. Gaines: "What of the other Ten Men? Your report said that Milligan's agents rounded up a 'baker's half-dozen', which we took to mean seven, since that number corresponds to our own information. I must admonish you, Benedict—it's highly irregular and inappropriate language for an official report."

    Mr. Benedict: "So then you did receive my report! Why, then, have you asked all these questions?"

  • "You okay?" Sticky whispered. "It sounded like he hit you with a lead pipe." "Felt like it, too," Kate whispered back, and though her head was throbbing she added, "I'm fine. A little pain never hurt anybody, did it?" Sticky looked at her askance. "Um, actually—" he began, but Kate quieted him with a wink.
  • "What are you doing?" said a woman's voice. Myrtle. Her name was Myrtle. "I was about to pat the dear on the head." "Oh! I wouldn't do that! She's prone to bite strangers who reach for her." The man straightened and turned to the woman. "A reasonable practice." "And she won't do anything you ask," said Myrtle." "I mean she can do it, but she won't if you ask her to."
  • "So what's your team called?" asked Kate, twisting her legs into a pretzel-like configuration. "Sticky and I are the Winmates!" When this declaration was met with baffled stares, she frowned. "Don't you get it? It's a play on words—a portly man's toe, or... What did you say we call that, Sticky, when two words are kind of bundled together?" "A portmanteau," said Sticky. "Right! A portmanteau! See, we're called the Winmates because we're inmates—like prison inmates, get it?—who win."


A group of four friends have been successful on two previous secret missions for Mr. Benedict. They were chosen to work for Mr. Benedict after passing intelligence tests. Now, Reynie and Constance have been separated from their friends George (known as Sticky) and Kate. They must use all of their skills to figure out how to escape from the rooms that have trapped them.

After they escape the rooms, the four are surprised by attacks from Mr. Curtain. An invention known as "The Whisperer" is stolen by Mr. Curtain. "The Whisperer" is a machine that can brain wash the person sitting in a chair and scramble their brains. The four friends are now on a mission to reclaim "The Whisperer". Constance is pulled away from the search because of her past.

Now the three friends search for Constance and get captured again by Mr. Curtain. Eventually all four are prisoners of Mr. Curtain. Mr. Benedict and hired sentries break them out of the prison. Now, Mr. Curtain is captured and the team re-claims "The Whisperer."