Planning Nutritious Meals and Snack

Angelica Romo Period 7

The Importance of Breakfast

  • Granola Bar and Soy milk:its consider healthy because you are eating oats with milk that is really healthy for you.
  • Bagel with fruits and milk:its healthy because you are eating wheat and they are eating lots of fruits.
  • Oatmeal with strawberries or blueberries:its healthy because you are eating oats with fruits and milk

Guidelines for Smart Snacking

  • Dried Apple:it provides Vitamin C and helps with Eyes and skin
  • String Cheese:it provides Niacin and helps with Energy in body
  • Low-fat yogurt:it provides Vitamin D and helps with your bones
  • Pretzels:it provides Vitamin E and helps with Red blood cells
  • Carrots:it provides Vitamin A and helps with your eyes and skin
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