Oprah Winfrey

By Taylor Gutschow

What is Oprah Known For?

Oprah is known for her talk show, but most of her popularity comes from being the most successful business woman.
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Jumping into Success

Important to Oprah

About Oprah

As a child Oprah was abused. Not only by her family, but by her peers. When Oprah was bullied, it put her down. It put her down mentally and physically. Her mind now believed that she was dumb, ugly, and fat. Oprah eventually learned to block out the voices in her head and her peers.
Oprah wanted to perform. Her goal was to achieve anything she wanted. Anything that made her have pride in herself. She found the courage to produce the Broadway musical based on "The Color Purple".
Oprah has weight problems. It brung her down a lot. She went to many programs for help. Most programs were a success. She does maintain a healthy diet. To you she may look "overwight" , but really she isn't. You don't have to be a stick to be healthy.
When Oprah created the Oprah Winfrey Network, it opened a new beginning for Oprah. At first the show wasn't very popular, but Oprah caught on very quickly. She found different ideas for other shows. She created games, free prizes, special guests, and more! The show soon became world wide and a big hit everywhere.
Ever since she created the show, she now she is known as the richest African American woman in the world. Oprah still makes a ton of money.

Life Lesson

If you are hurt, bullied, ect. move on and there will be something big waiting for you. Push your limits to follow your dreams. Get past the obstacles in life and just live on. To be determined to have success.
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The Book

Title: Oprah Winfrey

Author: Heather C. Hudak