A story about Heracles and his 12 labours

son of zeus and alkmene

Zeus's jealous wife, Hera was out to get Heracles from the time of his birth. Hera sent two giant serpents to kill Heracles in his cradle, but the baby squeezed the life out of them with his own hands.

Heracles 12 labors

As Heracles got older he got stronger but through Heras magic he became a subject to his cousin. The cleaver, but weak king Eurystheus commanded Heracles to under take a series of adventures called the twelve "Labors of Heracles".

Heracles first labors was to kill the Nemean lion. His weapons were useless so he had to wrestle him with his bare hands. He returened with the skin over his shoulders.

During Heracles 11 labor he needed to find golden apples. He took the burdden of the sky while Atlas, a god got them for him. When Atlas retuned he did not want to take the sky back but Heracles, being clever tricked him into taking it

Heracles is a god

After finishing all of his labors and monster slaying Heracles was old and tired. For all of his bravery and strength defeating monster, the gods asked Heracles to join them up on Mt. Olympus. When Heracles died he rose up to live forever with the gods on a four horse chariot wearing the skin of a Nimean lion.

What is the purpose of this myth?

The purpose of this myth is to honor Heracules. Heracules was a strong hero who defeated many monsters and completed many labors like defeting the Nemean lion.