1. Why Do kids Become Bullies?

Kids become bullies because they get way too much freedom.Their parents aren't giving them enough punishment.Who Could Stop the Bullying?

2.What Are the ways they could stop bully?

People that can stop the bullying are parents, they could keep them home and set a couple of rules. Parents Now and days are letting their kids have way too much freedom so now they think they can go out and do whatever they want.

3.How Can you Tell who a bully Is?

If you can’t tell who a bully is it is someone who threatens someone. Bullies are people Who hurt people's feelings very badly.

4.Do the Bullies Know they make kids want to kill Themselves?

kids that bully know they hurt people's feelings they just don't care. That's why it gets to the point where other kids want to kill themselves

5.Why Don't Bully victims go to someone for help?

People That get bullied Don’t go to anyone for help because they all know that if a bully wants to bully people they are going to do it no matter how much trouble they get in.