Mr. Martin

1st Grade Class

All About Me

I am married to Megan Martin. Together we have a little boy named Oscar, two doves called Babe and Henry, and a little white ball of fluff named Bosky. I come from a large family of seven kids (being second to the youngest) and have lived throughout the United States, albeit I have a soft spot for California where I was born.

I attended the University of Texas in Austin and received a bachelors in Philosophy and a minor in Religious Studies. Afterwards I enrolled in an education program that specialized in reading where I worked with second grade kids. Since then I have taught in Irving ISD where my focus and attention has been first grade.

I enjoy spending time outdoors with my family whether it be camping, cycling, or just having a picnic at a park. I also enjoy dabbling in magic, creating ilusions, and seeing how many objects I can keep in the air simultaneously. The answer to that is still pending.