Darius the First

By: Analisa Lujan, Arin Byrant, Julio Garcia

Darius the first 522 - 486 BCE

He was the king of Persia and was recognized for expanding the Achaemenid Empire. For being a genius and having amazing building projects, this made him one of the greats rulers of the Achaemenid dynasty.

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What was he famous for?

Darius is best known for expanding the Achaemenid Empire in all known directions and leading the Persians to a mighty defeat in the Battle of Marathon.

First Accomplishments

  • Darius attacked the Greek mainland and gained more land but then they decided to change up his rules which caused a feud between them.
  • Darius revolutionized the economy by placing it on a gold and silver coinage.
  • He was recognized for being such a trustworthy leader and always keeping his empire at peace during the rough wartimes.

Good leader?

We believe he was a good king because of he wasn’t self centered and focused on his people by providing them with more land and security. He was also very intelligent and skilled at creating blueprints to build up his kingdom.