The Taj Mahal

by: Lauren Dee Heaton

The Intro

The Taj Mahal was built from 1631 to 1653. That took twenty-two years to build. The cost was thirty-two crone rubies.How was this amazing place built

The History

The Taj Mahal was built to honor Mum Taz Mahal,after she died giving birth to her fourteenth child.After her death her husband, Saha Tahan,began construction on the Taj Mahal,a tomb for his wife.He began construction in Agra,India in 1631. The Taj Mahal took many workers to build it,and it cost thirty-two crone rubies.Crone rubies were used as money back then.


The construction required 20,000 workers, 250 elephants, and many types of jewels such as jade. Jade is a green jewel from China. It symbols nobility, imortality, and is believed to ward off evil.Construction lasted for almost twenty-two years. I think the idea for the castle in the movie ''Aladdin'' came from the Taj Mahal. Besides they do look kind of alike.


It has made of different colors, inside and outside from the many jewels.Kind of like some buildings in China and Japan. The jewels shine in the sun, like was moddled after buildings the people wre called to pray at.
As you see,the Taj Mahal truely is an amazing place.It is a world wonder even to this very day.It may stand for many years to come from now into the future
The Taj Mahal may stand for many years to come.