Order of Operations Centers


Group 1 - Anthony, Paige, Xander, Andrew, Zanivyyah 5, 6

Group 2 - Ny'Likk, Jackson, Hailey F., Aubri'anna 6, 1

Group 3 - Kaylie, Jamere, Aiden, Jersey 1, 2

Group 4 - Hailey S., Alyssiea, Preston, Kendall 2, 3

Group 5 - Marissa, Brooke, Damesha, Madison 3, 4

Group 6 - Paris, Tie yana, Cameron, Kent 4, 5

Center 1 - 5.OA.2 Writing Expressions w/ ME - Round Table

5.OA.2 - I can write simple expressions that record calculations with numbers, and interpret numerical expressions without evaluating them.

In this center, we will talk about writing out expressions, not solving them.

Center 2 - EngageNY - At A Desk

Complete the EngageNY sheet. It is front and back. Please realize that until you come see me, you may not be able to complete the middle part (Words) of the chart in number 2. However, you should be able to solve all problems.

Center 3 - IXL - Bungee Chairs

Complete IXL's O.3 and O.4 to 80%. If you get them both to 80%, awesome job! Continue working to get them both to 100%.

Center 4 - Task Cards w/ iPads - At the Group Desks

Complete the twelve task cards in your math notebook. As you complete them, use the iPads (Aurasma app) to scan the QR code to check the answer. If you answer it incorrectly, then make sure you go back to figure out where you went wrong.

Center 5 - iReady Math or Moby Max Math - Pillows

Choose either iReady Math or Moby Max Math and work on it during this center. Try to complete at least one lesson on the one you choose. If you do great job! Continue working until time is up.

Center 6 - TenMarks Personal Assignments - At A Desk

Paris, Tie yana, Cameron, and Kent - Please finish the 5.OA.1 Evaluate Numerical Expressions TenMarks Assignment from yesterday.

Everyone Else - Please work on your Personal Assignments. These personal assignments should be "challenge work" based on how you did on the TenMarks assignment yesterday. These might be difficult, but remember use your videos and hints.

Early Finishers - Prodigy