Millbrook Elementary Staff Notes

Week of Feb. 15-19, 2016

Thought For the Week

Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better. ~Pat Riley

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Student leaders review letters and sounds - thank you, Sharon Dove!

Math Learning Rounds - Great Practices to Share!

This week, the K team did math learning rounds in 1st grade. We are excited to start doing these 2nd semester at your request! Here are some great GLOWS to share from K visits to 1st grade:
*Engaged learners focused on math =)

*Appropriate pacing within the unit--focused all on the same concept

*Routines and procedures in place for learning to occur

*Student leaders present as peer checkers

*Use of whiteboards and manipulatives to model the math

*Teacher preparedness allowed for smooth transitions

*Turn and talk structure present for partners

*Interactive SmartBoards manipulating and sorting shapes

*Teachers checking for understanding throughout the lesson using probing and prompting questions

*Open-ended and inquiry-based activities to build conceptual understanding that is relevant and rigorous

*Integrated literacy with a math read aloud as a grounding activity

*Anchor charts evident to support learning

*Use of precise language about shapes and their attributes

*Instructional Assistants were supporting teaching and monitor partner/ independent/group work

After School Program - Input and Help Needed

We have been provided some funds from Communities in School (CIS) to run an after school tutoring program slated to run from early April through mid-May. We are still figuring out the logistics of 1) exactly who will be served, and 2) the total number of children who can participate. Here is the general info we know:
*It will likely be for upper grade students; students currently served on the CIS case load by Kelly Harvell who receive first consideration
*We would be able to serve roughly 30-40 total students
*Parents would have to commit to providing transportation/picking up their child
*It would likely be 2 to 3 afternoons per week, 2:30-4:30 PM

*The student-teacher ratio would be approximately 1 teacher/10 students
*Materials, resources, and curriculum would be provided to teachers by CIS
*We could hire 3 to 4 total teachers; 1 would be a "lead" teacher who would also coordinate data collection, complete reports, and supervise the program (in addition to working with a group). A lead teacher would be paid $35/hour and other teachers would be paid $25/hour.

*Are any of you interested in possibly teaching?
*Is there any input/feedback you have about who should be identified to be served by this program?
Please email me directly any feedback you have, as well as if you would be interested in being considered to teach. I have a follow up meeting with the CIS team on Friday, 2/19 to continue to plan next steps. Thank you!

Logistical Updates

  • SIP 2nd Quarter Review: We will have our 2nd quarter review on TUESDAY, 2/16 from 3-4:15 in the Media Center. Reminder from Andrea Jones: Everything we'll use for this review is on the Drive---> SILT folder---> "Q2 Monitoring" folder. In preparation for the review, please do the following items:
    *Probe the K-5 effectiveness data: All of the Q2 K-5 data is located on the "Elementary Student Achievement Data Sheet." Use the data review protocol shared via email to guide you as you look at the data, focusing on our areas of strength and concern.
    *Bring your completed data review protocol to the Quarterly Review: Your data pre-work will guide our small-group discussions.
  • MEN NEEDED! On Wednesday, Feb. 24 we will host a "Real Men Read" breakfast where we invite fathers, grandfathers, uncles...any man in our kids' lives, our community, or our staff members' come in and read aloud to classrooms. Please recruit your friends and family, as well as spreading the word among your students' families! We will serve them a light breakfast from 7:15-7:45, then assign them to go read to students! Spanish-speaking men are also invited....what a treat to have them read to our students whose native language is Spanish. We will provide books for the men to read or men can bring a title of their choice. Sign up link
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Schedule of Events

Monday, 2/15: C Day, 2nd PLT 1:30 -3; 3rd Grade Field Trip (Rescheduled); All Team Meeting, 3-4:15

Tuesday, 2/16: F Day; 5th PLT 1:30 - 3:30; SIP 2nd Quarter Review, 3-4:15

Wednesday, 2/17: A Day; K PLT 1:30 - 3:30; 3rd Grade Collaborative Planning Day; MTSS Team Training (Ballard, Benton, Benson, Liefer, Judkins, Gernhard, Beller, Lynch, Bendel @ Crossroads)

Thursday, 2/18: B Day; 4th PLT 1:30-3:30; 1st Grade Collaborative Planning Day;

Friday, 2/19: C Day; 2nd PLT 1:30-3:30; Parent Coffee Chat, 7:15-8 AM (Media Center)

Learning Corner

As a follow up to Friday's PD session about math discourse, check out this article about How to Get Students Talking:

This Week's Inspiration

The joy of reading!
Kindle Paperwhite - Celebrating the Joy of Reading