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As some of you know, we have a sailboat and spend our summers on Narragansett Bay. On a sailboat, everyone has a job to do. Sometimes it's fun, relaxing, and all smooth sailing. Sometimes the voyage is a bit more challenging, and you're tested physically and emotionally. Truth be told, those are the experiences you remember the most. What we did right, what went wrong, and what we'll do differently next time. Because there's going to be a next time! And thank goodness for those wise sailors who offer advice and an extra hand!

Dale Street's Tablet Lifeboat was created by our "wise sailors" - Kerry, Julie, Marissa, Christy, Neal and myself. We ask that you complete one of the Digital citizenship lessons with your class. Then choose one (or more lessons), add your personal touches, and have some fun. Not ready to solo yet? Make sure to book some time with me. We're ready and willing to help you at any time. Happy sailing!