Animal Cruelty

By: Jiwon Byun

Intro about Animal Cruelty

Animal cruelty is bad. There is animal cruelty in circuses, zoos, and there are advantages when animals are in the wild. Those are the things that I will be talking about in my presentation.

Animal cruelty in circuses


1:Circus trainers use whips, tight collars, and other painful tools to make the animals perform.

2: Circuses travel 11 months a year. So they put the animals in boxcars. For 11 months!

3: The animals have to stand on hard surfaces, and has a lack of exercise. These are major contributions to foot infections.

Animal cruelty in zoos


1: Zoos can't always provide proper space for animals.

2: Studies have shown that animals can get stressed out when they are held in captive.

3: The animals are usually in the same place so they can get bored a lot.

Advantages when animals are in the wild


1: Since 1990, there has been over 120 documented large cat attacks. These attacks happen because animals get stressed from being treated with cruelty. These attacks would not happen if animals did not get so stressed out. Specifically large cats.

2: The animals will not adapt to their natural habitats.

3: The animals will not be know the things they need to do as the animal they are.