Folktale Superhero's

Online - at Easton Library!

Our special day is Wednesday, August 5 at 1:30 PM.

Join Easton Library on Wednesday, August 5 at 1:30 PM on their website at Diane Edgecomb will give a virtual performance that will celebrate imagination and the human spirit with superhero tales from cultures around the world that will entertain the entire family. These creatures and people with extraordinary powers pop up in folktales in every land! Anansi, the entertaining Spider God from Africa, has web-spinning adventures just like Spiderman. Join with him as he captures invisible fairies and the snake that swallows people so all the stories in the world can be set free. Jack’s hilarious adventure in Ireland takes on a sweet new twist when he gets dancing bugs instead of beans and Tian, the Lord of the Cranes from China, gives to the poor just like Robin Hood. Celebrate our common love of story with these exciting and engaging multi-cultural tales.

One of America's most beloved storytellers, Diane is known for transforming into the characters in her tales bringing stories to vibrant life. Whether live in the room or present to her audiences via her beautifully recorded videos and/or Zoom events, Diane’s warmth and invitation to participate brings today’s family audiences into the heart of the moment. Diane has beenfeatured on NPR and is the winner of the ORACLE award for Storytelling Excellence in the Northeast as well as five Storytelling World awards.

This online event is part of Easton Library’s summer reading program, Imagine Your story, and is funded by the Stewart’s Holiday Match Grant. Please call Easton Library at 518-692-2253 with questions or visit our website: (Look at the top bar – For You. Click for the dropdown menu for the Summer Reading Program. Click on the SRP button for information.)