World Religion Project:Taoism

By:Kayla Govea

Most important belief and why they believed it

Taoism's most important belief is living in harmony.They believe in this because it would free their soul so they can become immortal.

What makes the believers of taoism want to follow its teaching or the teaching of its prophets?

In my opinion its so they can live peacefully and their prophet (Lao Tzu) wanted it that way.

How do extremist of Taoism justify their actions against nonbelievers?

There was no Taoist extremist.

Current event of Taoism

A current event is that researchers have found out there is only 4% of people in the world that still practice Taoism.

Art of Taoism

Spring Dawn Over the Elixir Terrence is an art piece made by Lu Guang. The Elixir Terrence represents Taoism alchemy.

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"We are all part of nature.
As such, that instinct is part of us.
To contribute to the balance of all things,
Is to live in harmony with one's self.
To move against the effortless flow,
Is to cause disruption to our surroundings,
And so to us."-Richard Seymour

"to live in harmony with one's self" is their most important belief


-Their symbol is the Yin-Yang symbol

- Taoism was formed in 550 B.C.E.

-Taoism is all about listening

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