Adam Sandler

A Biography by :Donavan Nerio

Adam's Childhood

During Adam's Childhood he was known as the class clown. Adam was born in Brooklyn,New York in September 9,1966.Adam's dad was not a good role model.Adam had a brother named Scott and 2 sisters named Elizibeth and Valerie.Adam was inspired by the Marx Brothers.Adam first started by singing and playing rock.It was called Rock Dreams.Adam went to Manchester Central High School.

His Fame

Adam began his famous life when he started making movies.The first movie Adam Sandler made was Happy Gilmore.He loves making movies.Adam makes about $70 Million per movie.He makes movies for fun not for the money.In fact Adam gives half of his money per movie to charity.The total money charity gets per movie is approximately 35 Million.
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Adam Sandler made plenty of movies for people to enjoy.Adam sandler had two injuries.One in Grown Ups he hit his back one water jumping of a cliff.He fractured his back bone.He also broke his wrist in the making of a movie but not in the movie