Hash browns Are Better Than Hash

Doesn't This Look Better Than That

What is Hash

Hashish use as a medicine and recreational drug dates back to at least the 3rd millennium BC. History. The name hashish comes from a Arabic word which means grass. It is believed that hashish originated in Morocco where the cannabis plant was widely available.

What it Does to Your Body

Hash has many risky side effects. One would be it destorts your sense of space and time, this makes it very dangerous to drive, or work any machinery because you arn't aware of your surroundings. Another thing it does to your body is it gives you a high.


Something weird about Hash is that it is very similar to Meth. They are similar in many ways

Facts About Hash

How You Use:

- smoking: Smoking hash gives smoker a quicker. The outcome of smoking hash is felt within minutes usually showing in 10-30 minutes, and going away within 2; 3 hours. Eating hash usually takes 30-60 minutes to feel the high. Sometimes the high can last up to 6 hours. Some people even mix it into foods.

Places You can Go For Help

Iowa; www.casarecovery.com/drug-abuse (855) 724-2258

Cedar Rapids; Iowa Substance Abuse Info Center; 2600 Edgewood Rd SW; Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

National; National Center On Addiction; 633 3rd Ave Fl 19, New York; (212) 841-5200

Facts About Hash

Hash is known to cause a change of the senses, talkativeness, and giggling are some.

Street Names

Some street names of has are; shish, kif, charas, and nup. Moroccan, Lebanese, and black Afghani are like hash ’s color or country.


In 2008 10,000 mega-tons of hash was produced.

Facts About Hash

Hash is produced by collecting and compressing trichomes from the cannabis plant.

Side Effects

-problems with memory and learning

-distorted perception (sights, sounds, time, touch)

- difficulty in thinking and problem solving

- loss of coordination

- and increased heart rate

- anxiety

- panic attacks.