Hermann Goring


Before the war

Hermann goring was born in Rosenheim,Germany , on january 12, 1893, he was trained for a career in the military and received his commission in 1912 , serving as a commercial pliot in Denmark and Sweden .where he met Baroness Carin Von Kantzow .Two years earlier, Goring met Adolf Hitler.

During the war

Hermann was a leader of the Nazi party . He played a prominent role in organizing the Nazi police , and he also established concentration camps for the "corrective treatment" of individuals. Göring's working with Hitler helped him rise to power alongside the Führer and, in 1935, he took charge of the German air force until the end of World War II.

After the war

Hermann was condemned to hang as a war criminal , he defended himself before the international military trilbunal at Nuremburg . He denied any involvement in the regime's more monstrous activities . hermann decided on suicide by cyanide and died in his cell.

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