The Truth About Organic

Is it really good for you?

What is organic?

Organic foods are the result of a particular type of farming. This farming doesn't use any types of chemicals, including pesticides or fertilizers. It is essentially "natural" food.

The Cons of Organic Foods

Pesticides, which keep away insects, are not used in organic farming methods. Due to these methods, organic foods are prone to having more insects. This means that insects are more likely to be burrowed into the food. Although processing goes to great measures to make sure all the food is bug free, it is not a guarantee. It is a possibility to still have bugs in the food when they are on the shelves in stores.

Even though they are grown the "natural" way, it doesn't mean they are essentially better than conventionally grown foods in terms of nutritional value. Although organic foods are perceived as being more valuable in nutrition, they actually aren't. They are actually equal in nutrition when compared to conventional foods. In addition, organic foods and conventional foods are equal in vitamins.

The Pros of Organic Foods

Due to the fact that organic farming methods don't partake in the use pesticides, organic foods can benefit your health. Many are worried about the pesticides and how they effect your body. It is even said that they can cause things such as cancer. Because organic foods are not sprayed with pesticides, they can be better for your health.

My Perspective

Personally, I don't believe that organic foods are better for you because they are the same in nutritional value as conventionally grown foods. As far as pesticides go, they are washed off when the foods go out for sale. Just to be safe, wash your fruits and vegetables before you eat them. If you wash your foods in addition to the washing they get in processing, then you will be fine.

In some ways, organic foods can be almost worse for us. Think about insects and how many germs and diseases they carry. What if, even with the washing that organic foods get, the bug poisons the plant in a way that it cant just be washed off. Wouldn't you rather have the pesticides that can be washed off?