Motorcycle/ATV Related Injuries

By Zach Vick

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General information about these injuries

Motorcycle and atv injuries can be very serious, fatal even or can be as much as a scratch from falling off. People take away concussions, broken femurs, broken bones, and some even become paralized because of accidents like these. A motorcycle injury can be one on the road, such as road rash, or an off road motorcycle injury such as broken bones, concussions, etc.

5 Tips how to prevent

1. Just dont ride

2. wear proper protection

3. invest in very good forms of protection and name brands ( trust ME, its worth it)

4. stay out of sticky situation on the track, dont flip

5. be a safe driver on the road, wear a helmet and obey the laws of the road

5 Statistics about motorcycle injuries

1. the most common injury is a broken collar bone

2. closely followed by broken wrists

3. ligaments are very easy to tear while on a motocycle

4. in the past 5 years, the injury rate for dirt bike riders has gone up 33%

5.76 per thousand will be badly injured in a day of riding

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Q: how many people die a year from motorcycle/ATV accidents?

A: Actually, not as many as you think. in 2013, only about 4800 people died from motorcycle acciednts and atv accidents combined.

Myth (busted)

MYTH: You dont have to be fit to race motocross.

not true, youre average bike weighs about 150 pounds, you need to be in shape and strong in order to control your bike.

Inspirational quote

Evil Kenivil: " Chicks dig scars, bones heal, pain is temporary and glory is forver"

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