O'Brien is the Villain


Lindzy Sanford

Mrs. Danley


15 November 2015

O'Brien is the most intelligent character in the novel. O'Brien was essentially toying with Winston, seeing how far a man would go to rebel against the state. He destroys the negative thoughts of prisoners before releasing them back into society. O'Brien is seen as the villain to me because he deceives Winston and Julia, causing their capture, and your tortures them into his way of viewing existence. He entrapped our heroes Winston and Julia with promises to the Party's. O'Brien's job is to attract rebellious people so all the rebellion can be squashed out of them. His goal with Winston was to make him no longer capable physically but also mentally and emotionally of being subversive in any way. The fact that the Brotherhood is a complete fiction made up by the government and led by O'Brien, makes me view him as the villain in the society.