A/V Technology and Film

Cluster: Arts, A/V Technology & communication- Brittney N.

My reasons for choosing this career are...

  • Art is my favorite subject in school.
  • I like making projects and putting them out for the public.
  • Doing tasks on computer easy for me.

The training and education required for this job are...

The education required for this job is a Bachelor's Degree, but there is no training needed.

The work environment is like...

  • You work indoors if the work is independent in a private office, but it could also be group work as well, if you are collaborating with other people
  • You work in your home if the work is in a private office , or it could be done in an office if you are collaborating with others.
  • If you work at home in a private office and/or with other people, then you would just wear something causal.
  • Most of the time this job requires group work, but there is some individual work as well.

Job Description:

Salary: 44,400 / Year ( 21.35 / Per Hour )

Growth Opportunities: The career should grow 2% by 2024

Job Outlook: There will be almost 900 job openings by 2024

Responsibilities: With this job, you will be able to, develop creative ideas or new methods for projects. You are also able to create videos for other people to enjoy.

Closing ( Do you still have an interest in pursuing this career after completing your research? )

Yes, because this job is something I like doing on my free time, and it has a good amount of pay.