Healthy meal for HPE

By Natasha Fugaro.


1. Get a bowl

2. Crack 3 eggs into the bowl

3. Put a handful of bread crumbs into the bowl

4. Put a handful of shredded cheese into the bowl

5. Sture the mixture until it is fully mixed

6. Put some oil into a frying pan

7. Pour the mixture into a frying pan

8. Let the mixture settle for about 2-3 minutes

9. Turn the mixture around with a spatular

10. Leave for 2-3 minutes

Equipment / Ingrediantce


- 3 eggs

- Handful of shredded cheese

- Handful of bread crumbs


- Frying pan

- A bowl

- A spatular


Mix the mixture in the bowl until fully mixed.


Then your done!

Your omelet should look something like this:

Big image
Big image

Perent review on recipe:

Mum- Natasha did well mixing the ingredients together and cooking it right, and it tasted great I enjoyed my dinner.

Dad- My little girl cooked me an omelet, tasted great and enjoyed it very much.