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James Ford

Origin of the name Ford

The last name "Ford" comes from England. The name was given to people who lived near fords and helped travelers cross rivers.
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Origin of the name Fulmer

The surname of "Fulmer" comes from England, and indicates that someone lived near the lakes in Buckinghamshire or Fowlmere in Cambridgeshire. The name is a combination of the Old English "bird" combined with the Old English "lake." However, Johan Jakob Vollmer, immigrant from Germany, chose the name Fulmer once he arrived in the United States.

Origin of the name Vollmer

Vollmer comes from Germany, and denotes that the bearer of this name is a descendent of the Folcmars.
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Origin of the name Walker

The last name "Walker" comes from England or Scotland. Depending on the origin, there are several meaning. Walker either means one who cleaned and thickened cloth, or one who came from Walker (a marsh by the Roman Wall in Britain).
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Johan Jakob Vollmer

Johan Vollmer was born on January 21, 1744, in Bayern, Germany. Vollmer emigrated to South Carolina in 1752. After arriving in America, Johan took the name John Fulmer. Fulmer was a captain in Colonel Philemon Water's regiment of the South Carolina militia from 1781-1782, during the Revolutionary War. Fulmer fought at Camden and Cowpens. Fulmer married Nancy Lightfoot and purchased 652 acres of land in Dutch Fork. In 1792 he became road commissioner in Lexington County. John Fulmer died between 1795 and 1797.

John Rolfe

John Rolfe was born in 1585, and he became one of the first British colonists in North America. Rolfe married Pocahantas, a story made famous by Disney. Rolfe died in 1622, and is best known for being the first person to successfully cultivate tobacco as a cash crop in Virginia.

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