Words from Weston

A Monthy Newsletter from Weston Elementary

October, 2020 Issue

Kasie Allen, Principal / Debbie Case, Secretary / Ronda LeBrasseur, Clerk

Weston School Day: 9:15-2:30

Dear Weston Families,

This is a school year that many of us will remember for a long time. Here at school, memories are already being made and many positive experiences have already occurred in this first month. We have been impressed by the awesome behavior of our students and the great learning they are doing.

Curriculum work in math, reading, writing, science, and social studies is underway. Good school habits like sleeping on a regular schedule, having a quiet work/reading space at home, being on time to school/virtual meetings, and completing assigned tasks are a critical part of being successful this year.

Thank you for all you do to support our Weston Wonders!


Kasie Allen, Principal

Congratulations to Our Students of the Month!

Students who go above and beyond to demonstrate elements of good character are recognized as Students of the Month. Congratulations to the following students for being selected for September!

Mr. Chambers: Marek L.

Ms. Jones: Pedro L.

Ms. Becker: Randy L.

Mrs. Berlin: Adisyn H.

Mrs. Hays: Oren M.

Mrs. Kacel: Kash J.

Mrs. Simms: Kennedy B.

Mrs. Goulish/Cichowicz: Nicholas T.

Mrs. Lobsinger: Lydeah L.

Mrs. Brockman: Kellaina C.

Mrs. Howell: Breelyn B.

Mrs. Ogans: Brylie D.

Mrs. Webster: Amelia R.

Count Day

Wednesday, October 7th, is Count Day in Michigan. It is very important that all students attend in-person or virtually. We appreciate your help in getting all of our students counted!

Hearing and Vision Screenings

Each year, these are conducted on Kindergarten/DK students. For this year these will occur in the Weston gym on 10-14, 15, and 16. In-Person students will be screened during the school day. For online students, parents have the option to bring their child to the gym doors according to the following schedule (this is not mandatory):

WEDNESDAY (10-14) - 8:00-9:00 Online KDG Students from Mr. Chambers' Class

THURSDAY (10/15) - 8:00-9:00 Online KDG Students From Ms. Jones' Class

FRIDAY (10/16) - 8:00-9:00 Online KDG Students From Mrs. Meyer's Class

Picture Day

Picture Day will be October 28, in the Weston gym, with online students entering through the gym doors from 8-9am or 3-4pm only. Pictures are optional for online students, and alternate times are not available. Parents of online students should bring them to the gym door, where a staff member will escort them in. All face-to-face students will have pictures taken during the school day as usual. A copy of the picture order form is below. Orders can be done online at www.hicksstudio.net. Click on "School Picture Ordering" under the "Home" tab and choose Weston from the drop-down. In-person students will receive picture forms closer to picture day.

Halloween 2020 at Weston

Students will do some fun classroom games and activities at school on October 30, for Halloween. However, we will not have treats brought in from outside of school nor will we have the school costume parade this year due to safety precautions and limitations on gatherings. Please send your child to school in regular clothing.

Parent Group

Meetings are held every other month. For the time-being, meetings will be held virtually. The committee would love to have new faces to help us with ideas. If you are interested in connecting with the PTO, please email: westonelempto@gmail.com
  • Next meeting: November 2, at 5:30
Join via Zoom:

Fall Parent-Teacher Conferences

Conferences will be held during the week of Nov. 16-20 via video conference or phone. Our goal is 100% participation. More information will come from your child's teacher.

Parent Engagement in Title I Schools

Weston Elementary is a Title I school. The Title I Program is designed to help children meet high academic standards. Parent engagement/involvement is an important component of Title I.

Weston's Parent and Family Engagement Plan can be viewed here.

To view our Home-School Compact, please click here.

STAR Testing

Your student's teachers will be wrapping up the STAR test early in October. Below you will find a document that will answer questions about what the assessment is and what teachers do with the data.


Getting Enough Sleep

While the hours in the chart below may seem like a lot, we do notice that many children either exhibit signs or verbalize feelings of tiredness during the school day. Our lives are so busy and it is hard to fit all the activity of a day into one short 24 hour period! However, a child’s ability to learn is hindered if the brain is tired.

Several factors impact a child's sleep patterns. Children with televisions in their bedrooms are at increased risk of not getting enough sleep. Dr. Ronald Chervin, a neurologist and sleep specialist of the University of Michigan says, “The bedroom should ideally be a place to sleep. The TV is very activating, with a broad light, and that’s not even talking about the content.” Children with televisions tend to get to sleep later that those without them. Caffeinated drinks, such as colas, can also keep children awake at night. Children who drink these beverages get an average half hour less of sleep per night than those who did not.

Big picture


We value the importance of your child being at school every day and learning as much as (s)he can. For the 2020-2021 school year, according to the State of Michigan, the district must report the number of students "engaged in pandemic learning." Therefore, please have your student log in to classes daily if learning online, or come to school on time each day for in-person learning. We will not have negative consequences regarding attendance, as long as kids are completing their work. If your child is an in-person learner and is sick, please keep him/her home and reach out to the teacher for assignments. All teachers have Google Classroom and can readily provide instruction and materials there.

It's Getting Cooler Outside!

Now that the weather is beginning to change, please send your child to school wearing a coat. Children go out for breaks daily, unless it is raining or the temperatures are too low. It is also very helpful if you label your child’s belongings with his/her first and last name in permanent marker in case they’re lost. It is also a good idea to have the little ones practice zipping, snapping and tying, so that they can get themselves ready with increasing independence.

Food Backpacks

Are grocery bills a bit much? The food bank is offers a program that can help. Please contact Holli Taylor at 591-8483 or htaylor@kearsleyschools.org if you are interested. Virtual families can also take advantage of this opportunity if they are willing to pick up the food.


Michigan schools are required to report immunization information regardless of their mode of instruction. Any student who fails to meet immunization requirements shall not be admitted or participate in school classes.



After October, paper lunch menus will no longer be sent home. If you are interested in knowing what is offered for breakfast and lunch ahead of time, click here:

Then select "Breakfast," "Lunch" or "Virtual Meal Kits," depending on the menu you'd like to view.

Tech Help

Having trouble with your new device? Please reach out to the Tech Department: kearhelp@kearsleyschools.org or 249-1266.

Make Sure You're in the Know!

Please go to the district website at: www.kearsleyschools.org and fill out the information for Ed Alerts, right hand side about halfway down. That is how all important information is shared.

A quick and easy way to keep in touch with your child’s teacher is through email. Email addresses are generally the first initial and last name of the teacher @kearsleyschools.org.