February 5, 2015


The executive committee met on 1/29 an discussed a variety of topics for our membership, including position statements, future roundtables, representation across the state, and other professional development opportunities. We have people working on these items and as news develops it will be shared here. If you have any items you feel should be considered in future meetings please send it to me at: patersont@madisonnjps.org


A major benefit to being part of a science supervisor group is the sharing of data among members. Many of our members ask very good questions through our Google Group (njsela@googlegroups.com) and having the excellent information that results memorialized will help the membership.

We need to update and add to some of the information that we have, so we will be sending out new google survey forms. The information gathered in these forms will be maintained in our NJSELA Shared Google folder in a subfolder called "Member Survey Data".

If you have a good idea for data that needs to be collected please contact me.


The executive committee has expressed an interest in providing additional workshops to our members on specific topics. As opposed to setting a date and location we would like to determine the interest and then tailor to specifics (when, where) to the members who are interested. To begin, we have three initial topics:

Leading Curriculum Change in the NGSS

  • This workshop will focus on the action plan for implementing NGSS. Many districts are well into their plans but attendees are encouraged to share their progress and identify areas for modifying implementation. Focus will be on curriculum development, teacher training, and moving towards mastery.

Chemical Inventory Oversight and Handling

  • This workshop will focus on chemical management for the science supervisor. Teacher training, proper handling and storage practices, and chemical inventory maintanence and disposal will be the focus.

Emerging Leadership in Science
  • This workshop is targeted towards the new science supervisor with 1-2 years experience. Topics will focus on defining a leadership direction for your science department and summarizing the scope of responsibilities for a science supervisor. Participants for this workshop will be encouraged to contribute specific topics.

Click here to register your interest for any of these workshops.

This information will be used to determine location and date information.


Register for NSTA’s Administrators Institute: Achieving Success with NGSS on March 18

Principals, department chairs, and curriculum coordinators—anyone who provides professional learning around science standards and needs to assess the current capabilities of science teachers—are encouraged to attend NSTA’s Administrator Institute: Achieving Success With Next Generation Science Standards on Friday, March 18. This one-day event takes place at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, New Jersey, and will showcase the use of a three-dimensional approach to science teaching and learning. This is the place to develop new designs for professional learning around science standards, ways to assess the current capabilities of teachers, fresh goals for professional learning, and an updated process for accomplishing those goals. Speakers include Joyce Tugel, a science project director for the Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance, and Ted Willard, director of NGSS@NSTA for the National Science Teachers Association. Learn more and register: http://www.nsta.org/conferences/ngss2.aspx.


The White House announces a "Computer Science for All" initiative. See the Education Week article here.


The NJSELA shared folder is now LIVE at this link. Members are encouraged to contribute and take from it - just please don't do any permanent file structure damage!

Reminder, this folder is available to active members. Check to see if we have you current with your 2016 membership at this link. This information is current as of 1/21/16. If you have sent in a check or PO to Kurt, it may have not processed yet and you will be updated when it does. If you have not gotten to renewing your membership yet, please go to the NJSELA Membership sign up page and follow the instructions found there.

If you are listed as an active 2016 member and do not have shared folder access please check the email address associated with your membership - It must be linked with Google. To modify or add your Google compatible email address please contact our membership chair Eric Siegal at eric.siegal@wmtps.org.


No changes since the last newsletter.

Go to: https://education.state.nj.us/events/?p=a for more information and to sign up.

Translating the Biology Model Science Curriculum Framework into Local Curriculum

February 18: Trenton - Register by 2/4/16

February 29: Stockton University - Register by 2/15/16

May 5: East Orange - Register by 4/21/16

Translating the Chemistry Model Science Curriculum Framework into Local Curriculum

March 4: Trenton - Register by 2/19/16

March 11: Stockton University - Register by 2/26/16

May 12: East Orange - Register by 4/28/16

Translating the Physics Model Science Curriculum Framework into Local Curriculum

March 22: East Orange – Register by 3/8/16

May 6: Trenton - Register by 4/22/16

May 26: Stockton University - Register by 5/12/16

Translating Capstone Earth & Space Sciences Model Science Curriculum Framework into Local Curriculum

March 1: Trenton - Register by 2/16/16

March 10: Stockton University - Register by 2/25/16

Translating Middle School Earth&Space Sciences Model Sci Curriculum Framework into Local Curriculum

April 20: Stockton University - Register by 4/13/16

May 13: East Orange - Register by 4/29/16

Translating Middle School Life Science Model Science Curriculum Framework into Local Curriculum

April 15: Trenton - Register by 4/11/16

April 25: Stockton University - Register by 5/20/16

May 20: East Orange - Register by 5/6/16

Translating Middle School Physical Science Model Science Curriculum Framework into Local Curriculum

February 26: East Orange - Register by 2/12/16

May 3: Trenton - Register by 4/19/16

May 18: Stockton University - Register by 5/23/16

May 23: Trenton - Register by 5/9/16

Structure and Properties of Matter for teachers in grades 2 & 5

Inheritance and Variation of Traits for teachers in grade 3

Interdependent Relationships; & Matter and Energy in Organisms and Ecosystems for Grades K, 2, 3, &5

February 19: Trenton - Register by 2/5/16

Structure, Function and Information Processing for teachers in grades 1 and 4

March 2: East Orange - Register by 2/16/16

March 8: Stockton University - Register by 2/23/16

March 21: Trenton - Register by 3/7/16

Weather and Climate for teachers in grades K and 3

March 15: Stockton University - Register by 3/1/16

April 5: Trenton - Register by 3/31/16

April 19: East Orange - Register by 4/13/16