Hosey Headlines

The Latest News from the North Hall

Wassom Visit

The kids will be visiting Wassom, bright and early on Monday, May 4th. Please make sure your child is at Lincoln by 8:30 as we leave by 8:45.

In the past the kids listened to a mini concert by the sixth grade band and heard about the various enrichment classes they can take next year. After a Q&A session, we take a tour of the building. We return to Lincoln by 10:30.

BYGO Book Fair

Next Monday the BYGO Book Fair begins. We will visit the Fair as a class at 11:00 on Monday, shortly after our return from Wassom.

Field Day

Field Day is scheduled for Tuesday, May 26th. Our class will compete between 11:45 and 1:45. The PTO will be selling color coded shirts, and I am sure information will go home about that soon. Our class has cherry red. (That's the color of my son's race car.) If you don't want to buy a shirt from the PTO any red t-shirt will be fine.

EOY Testing

End of Year Testing is beginning later this week and will continue next week. The kids will complete the same Reading and Math assessments they took at mid-year and the same math problem solving prompt we did in August, so we can measure growth.

Once all testing is completed I will fill in the data form and email it to you. A paper copy will go home with the final report card.

Unexpected Trip

My very elderly aunt/godmother has died. Due to the unusual circumstances surrounding her death, the funeral and the settling of her affairs has to be delayed. I will be headed to NYC (probably around mid-month) for a few days. We will complete all of our end of year testing before I leave. I will not allow a substitute to give these tests.