Library IT

Yale University Library

Custom Systems and Programming

IT worked closely with other units to improve high use/high impact systems.

Scan & Deliver

Forms for this vital new service were integrated at the point of need, with the ability for patrons to give staff immediate feedback.

Red Light, Green Light

Students expressed a desire for quicker movement through the security lines to check bags in Sterling. IT staff automated the process with Red Light Green Light, speeding up what was a labor-intensive procedure. In addition to speed, it alleviates the need for new due date slips for renewed materials.

Virtual Review Plaza

Staff can now see their new books for approval on a virtual shelf, providing higher efficiency in reviewing newly acquired material. (Demo available on laptop)

Collaborative Collection Development Projects Tool

Library IT built a web-based interface to the database for the collaborative collection development projects in which YUL is a participant. Staff can add, edit and delete data from the database based on user permissions and download a copy in an Excel spreadsheet; as well as view all projects listed in the database. (Demo available on iPad)