Mrs. Drew's Weekly Update

4th grade: Week of 5/10

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This week in 4th grade...

  • Language Arts: In Grammar, the students began learning about plural and possessive nouns. They also began their iReady reading assessments. This is the final iReady assessment of the year, and is one snapshot to show their growth through the year thus far. We also spent some time doing final edits on Opinion Essays. Literacy Circles are officially done for the year as the students took their comprehension tests on their books this week, too.

  • Social Studies: We continued our studies of government. This week we spent time figuring out how bills become laws. In class, the students are trying to pass a classroom "law". Each student will have an active role in demonstrating how this process works.

  • Science: We're continuing to learn about Soils, Rocks, and Landforms. This week our focus was on events that rapidly change Earth's surface (earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, landslides). We also started our investigation of how to identify rocks.

  • Math: The students are very excited to have started fractions this week! All year, the students have eagerly been waiting for our units on fractions. So far they are doing a terrific job in this unit. We've learned how to represent part of a whole or part of a set using fractions. We also learned how to find equivalent fractions as well as how to compare and order them. These concepts can be tricky, so this is a great thing to work on together at home.

Next week in 4th grade...

  • Language Arts: Grammar; add reading strategy to CAFE menu, final Opinion essays turned in

  • Science: continue unit on soils, rocks, and land forms (focus on rocks & minerals)

  • Math: continue ch. 13 on fractions (mixed numbers, improper fractions), then review & test on ch. 13

  • Cedar River Watershed Field Trip: We will be going on a "Seeing the Source" tour of Cedar River Watershed. The students will learn about our watershed and see how it ties into our salmon study. If you're interested in coming along, please let me know (I have room for one parent).

Important Dates

  • May 17th (T): Cedar River Watershed Field trip (I have room for one parent volunteer to come along. Please email if interested.)

  • May 20th (F): Twinning Day

  • May 23rd (M): 4th grade leads Launch assembly

  • May 27th (F): Red, White, Blue Day

  • May 23rd-27th: CTP testing week

  • May 30th (M): No School: Memorial Day (No Camp)