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Very Important Updates

Can you believe it? It's the last week of class! Time sure has passed by us very quickly. Hopefully each of you has gleaned new strategies from this semester's module that you will implement on your campuses for the remainder of the school year and all throughout the next one as well. Even though it is the last week of class, CBLT's may want to use regularly scheduled time to complete any necessary tasks for the grant team. As we begin to wind down, here are some a few action items.

  • Tests & Quizzes ~ I need all CBLT members to take their tests/quizzes on Monday, May 6th. Some CBLT's do not meet until later in the week, so please do not wait until your team's meeting to take the last exam. All members should print off a copy of their tests/quizzes history from Project Share, indicating that all tests and quizzes have been taken. This will be about 5 pages, starting from February 18th to May 6th.
  • TLI Binder Checklist ~ On May 30th, at our Grant Implementation Team meeting, you will turn in your Leadership and Standards Based-Instruction Binders. Please be sure that you have all the necessary components in each of these binders. A copy of the checklist that I will be using to verify that items have been completed, will be posted on Edmodo, on our Manor ISD Literacy Line. These binders will not be returned, so be sure that you have made copies of anything that you may need from them. The Binder Checklist that I will be using, is attached in a separate email.
  • TLI Planning Sheet ~ CBLT's will need to complete the TLI Planning Sheet. This planning sheet has been created so that you can reflect on a specific action step from the Leadership Module as well as your work in the SBI Module. A copy of this planning sheet has been placed on Edmodo for each team. You can submit your completed assignment on Edmodo.
  • Monitoring Form ~ I have also attached a copy of the SBI Monitoring Form. So far, I have gone through the workgroups to assess the status of each campus' progress on the weekly assignments, checking to ensure that assignments have been submitted and uploaded in the Forum. This is the same monitoring document that is used by our state liaison. It is imperative that you make any necessary corrections by the end of this week. If an assignment is placed in the wrong area, it should be deleted. If it is named with the incorrect conventions, it should be renamed properly and resubmitted into designated location. Instructions on Uploading & Deleting Assignments is located on Edmodo. Should you have any clarifying questions regarding the monitoring tool, be sure to contact me via email or phone at extension 4466. I will do another status check on Friday of this week.
  • Data Informed Plans (K-12) /Pre-Literacy Language Development Plans (0-SE) ~ CBLT's should bring updated copies of their plans to the GIT meeting. You will use this information as you work on your EOY data.
  • May 30th ~ This is our Grant Implementation Team Meeting. It will be held in the boardroom at central office. If you are a teacher needing a substitute teacher, please go ahead and request a substitute. The literacy grant will cover the costs of subs for 1/2 day.
  • Digital Dashboard ~ This will be the last newsletter for the semester. I will place any additional updates regarding the grant, institute, etc. on the Edmodo site.

Manor Middle School Shines at Integrating Literacy in Math!

TLI Summer Institute

Wednesday, July 24th 2013 at 7:30am to Friday, July 26th 2013 at 5pm

San Antonio, TX

The Manor ISD Literacy Team is in the process of registering all CBLT members for the Institute. You will get further details regarding the hotel, sessions, etc. at our May 30th Grant Implementation Meeting.