Teacher 2 Teacher

September 2016

What is This?


Welcome to our second edition of Teacher 2 Teacher. Teacher 2 Teacher is a short and sweet newsletter that will focus on one tip a month to promote effective parent and school communication.

Tip #2: Document EVERYTHING

When it comes to business, if it's not documented it didn't happen. Same is true when contacting parents. Shiloh Middle has a phone log template that most teachers use for parent contact. Here are a couple of tweaks to make to get the most out of your log.

1-Add "C or P" to the Reason column. C=Concern and P=Praise. Part of building effective relationships with parents is to make sure that they hear from us with the good, as well as the bad. The "C and P" forces us to become conscious of the types of calls we're making, and to provide balance to them if needed. Tally your C/Ps every so often (maybe quarterly) to see how you're doing. Just like we tend to avoid the friend with the constant negative news, most parents will do the same.

2-Add a "Method" column to monitor what method works best for your particular parent. While our survey results show emails work best as a whole, you may have parents that prefer another method and will respond quicker when you use it. If you chart it, you can see it. Plus, now you don't have to rely on your memory at conference time. You can say exactly how you reached out ;-).

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