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PLN's (Professional/Personal Learning Networks)

Having a Google+ account means that you have access to limitless professional communities at your fingertips. You can use Google Communities to search and join communities of educators who share a common interest as yours, like elementary education, STEM education, or even high school math. You can go broad or even get specific with grade levels and subject areas. Click here to find out how.

Google Forms + Flubaroo = Self - Grading Quiz!

Google forms is an tool that can be used in many ways. Here are just a few:

  • Self-grading tests. Flubaroo is an awesome Add-on that makes forms into self-grading tests/quizzes! Flubaroo offers a user-friendly step by-step tutorial. To try it out, just click here.
  • Information gathering like parent contacts: Create a form that parents can access via the school's site or your classroom google site to fill in their contact information. It's quick and private, and you can require that the form gather the email of anyone filling out the form so you automatically have one point of contact! It's also great for parent involvement coordinators to use for community questionnaires and feedback.
  • Whole school or departmental surveys are a great way to use forms! Administration can use it for informal walk-thrus and feedback on professional development. It can even be used to gain statistical information on where your staff is on their understanding of educational practices like FIP, TKES, etc.

Apps, Add-on, Sites, and Extensions!

Each week, Tech Tidbits will highlight apps, add-ons, and extensions for a particular subject area for all grade levels! This week will be Math Apps!

Coming Up next week:

Are you making the most out of GMail? Tips, Tricks, and ideas for making your mailbox work for you.

AND...Science will be the highlighted subject for Apps, Add-ons, Sites, and Extensions!

Do you have awesome Tech tips to offer?

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