Sundip summer camp

where each step counts

Sundip Summer Camp's Mission

Kids and young adults can assist from the ages of 8 through 16 years old who do or don't have epilepsy. In the camp both the kids and young adults will be having classes in how they can help someone who is having and attact of epilepsy. The campers are going to be colaborating with each other and will know how to be friends with persons who are different from them, and besides that they will be doing a very special connection with them and will never be forgoten.

Sundip Summer Camp description

Activities and Daily Schedule

Some of the activities in camp are listed below:




Physical Theraphy

Arts and Crafts

Parents can visit

And many more....

Daily Schedule:

8:00-9:00 breakfest

9:00-9:30 morninig excercise

9:30-12:00 hiking

12:00-1:00 lunch

1:00-1:45 arts and crafts

2:00-3:00 swimming

3:00-4:00 physical theraphy

4:00-5:00 dinner

5:00-6:00 playground

6:00-6:30 build a campfire

6:30-7:00 do snacks

7:00-7:30 get ready for bed

7:30-8:00 story time

8:00-8:10 sleep

Sundip Camp information

To sign up for Sundip Camp please look below for more information in how to contact us. Plus the dates of the sessions are throughout June 18- August 18. We can only hold up to 250 kids and young adults.From the ages of 8-16 years old.The cost of the trip is per week is going to be $120 per week if you want for your child to stay a litte more thats multiplying the number of weeks per $120

What they need to bring

1. they will need tenis shoes (no sandals or flip-flops)

2.tooth brush

3.comb or somethin for their hair

4.clothes (be remainded that we are going to be outside in the woods)

5.pillow/or sleeping bag

Anything else will provided for your child