University of North Texas, Denton

Universidad y Cuidad

The population of the university in the past year was about 36,221 students and the city was approximately 113,383 people. Two years ago the university enrolled 36,168 students wth an acceptance rate of the university was 61.5% freshmen. The mascot of UNT is the eagle and is considered the greenest university in the country. Also the jazz degree program was the first of its kind in the United States.

Los requisitos y el costo

The top 10% of your class has to submit SAT and ACT scores for scholarships due being automatically accepted, the next 15% has to have a combined score (reading composition and math) of at least a 950 on the SAT or a 20 on the ACT, the 2nd quarter has to have a minimum of a 1050 on the SAT or a 23 on the ACT, for the 3rd quarter there has to minimum of a 1180 on the SAT or a 26 on the ACT. As a music education major you must take a music theory class, 2 conducting courses, musicology, music literature, music education, professional communication, secondary instrument and student teaching courses. The tuition of UNT is about $417.92 per credit for in-state, through graduate school. The dorms range from $3,800-$6,100 depending on what dorms you choose to stay.

Subjuntivo Consignativo

-ar endings

Yo-e Nosotros-emos

Tú-es Vosotros-eis

Él, Ella, Usted-e Ellos, Ellas, Ustedes-en

-er/-ir endings

Yo-a Nosotros-amos

Tú-as Vosotros-ais

Él, Ella, Usted-a Ellos, Ellas, Ustedes-an

Los requistos:

Dos partes o verbos en la oración, unidas por la palabra "que", dos sujetos diferentes y incertidumbre (contexto de "weirdo")

W- wishes, wants, hopes

E- emotions, feelings

I- impersonal expressions

D- doubts, denial, disbelief, uncertainty

O- orders, commands

Ejemplo: Yo deseo que ellos tengan una vida larga.


1.) Yo deseo que la universidad me recoja a asistir.

2.) Yo deseo que mis padres ayude con la costa de la universidad.

3.) Yo emocion que la universidad esté amistoso del ambiente.

4.) Mis padres felices que yo quiera ir a la universidad.

5.) Es muy importante que yo vaya la universidad de norte tejas.

6.) Es importante que yo mantenga con mis calificados.

7.) Recomendación que yo aplique por las esolaridades.

8.) Recomendación que yo estudie cada día.

9.) Mis padres dudas que no vaya a la universidad.

10.) Dudo que mis padres ayude con la costa de la universidad.