Animal abuse/dog fighting

don't abuse your animals

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Don't abuse your animals

A lot of people may think that animal abuse and dog fighting is that bad but it is. First,Many people don’t realize what it does and who it effects it affects everyone. all animals are affected by the most . people need to realize that animal abuse is serious. If you see it report it there is a $5,000 for turning it in. people might think why would you ever want to dogfight well people do it for the prize that they get it is a very dumb reason to fight your dogs. people get paid a lot of money for hurting their dog it’s stupid. people should not get paid $20,000 to $30,000 on average for fighting their dog. there are over 1,000 animal abuses reported every year. some people may think its only dogs that are abused but all kinds of animals are abused every year. it’s not right if you see a animal abused don’t keep walking or driving if you keep walking who knows if anybody will stop for it even see it report it or that animal might die. That's why you should never fight your dogs or abuse A animal. "everyone is affected by animal cruelty." "animal abuse is a global problem"

It’s a felony to abuse an animal you will go to jail if you get caught and will get caught if people join and help us find people doing these things.

If we stop it know we won’t have to worry about your family and friends going to jail for fighting or abusing A animal.