First Grade Happenings

Discovery School- Week of 11/30/15

Upcoming Dates

December 3- Into the Woods, Jr. auditions

December 16- Holiday party, 1-2

December 17- MTSU fieldtrip

December 18- 1/2 day before break

Academic Overview


Skill: Our big skill this week is sequence. We will also touch on genre by investigating the difference between a folk tale, tall tale, and fable.

Writing: We begin an informational writing unit. Students will learn how to apply nonfiction text features into their writing (e.g. captions, bold words, headings, maps, etc.).

Sight Words- always, become, day, everything, stays, things


List 1- by, cry, fly, handy, lucky, my, puppy, silly, sunny, try (1 syllable- long i, 2 syllable-long e).

List 2- final, silent, open, unit, protest, defend, bonus, relent, moment (all have what is called an open sort before the syllable break)


Geometry/Project M2- This week we are composing and decomposing shapes (moving and removing) as well as playing with attributes (e.g. angle sort, compare/contrast sorts of shapes). I will be creating a master sheet of skills and resources for math support this week.

Social Studies
We will be looking at map features this week. Out standard includes the ability to recognize basic map symbols, including references to land, water, cities, and roads.

We will describe ways in which animals closely resemble their parents. This will include touching on heredity with a fun activity.


Please look for a packet to come home on Monday. It does not need to be returned. This should give you some flexibility on completing it around your schedule. This will be coming home on Tuesday this week.
ELA Fridge List (without the 2nd list):