Preppy Charms LEADING THE WAY!

August 2015 Recognition


How excited are you for the FALL? We are heading into our BEST selling season and I cannot wait!! I've opened my books from now until December 10th to book Trunk Shows and I've been reaching out to pencil in all my TOP hostesses! How great will it feel to hit each month with a full calendar?!

I have to take a moment and BRAG on you all! What an incredible August we had!! We added 25 NEW stylists and I'm so proud to announce we've BEATEN our BEST in promotions. We had a record breaking 7 promotions. We may be small, but we are growing by leaps and bounds and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Let's Hit It Hard this FALL SELLING SEASON and knock it out of the park!!!

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Lindsay Newman

Shannon Thomas

Stacy Johnson

Aparna Baman

Lindsey Koning

Holly McClung

Xochitl Marin

Ashley Higgin

Hanna Anglin

Laura Jones

Tina Naumann

Tracey Ellen

Tracy Simpkins

Lisa Fogle

Megan Weisser

Michelle Wahrenburg

Morrisa Reynolds

Rachelle Braymiller

Stephanie Valko

Allison Trigg

Alyssa Combes

Amanda Ladage

Chelsea Brown

Stefani Warsaw

Tiffani Dazey

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Tara Bohm- Associate Director

Ashley Dirssi- Senior Stylist

Beth Ratts- Associate Stylist

Morrisa Reynolds- Associate Stylist

Morgan O'brien- Associate Stylist

Ashley Fairfull-Associate Stylist

Amber Rhodes- Lead Stylist

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All of the ladies above plus...

Samantha Stover

Erin Larson

Beth Ratts

Ciara Haenke

Joy Johnson

Holly Parinello

Megan Macklin

Xochitl Marin

Amber Rhodes

Chelsea Molleck

Hannah Winek

Maureen Armentrout


Megan Kesler

Danielle Meister

Laura Jones

Whitney Lambert

Lauren Brehaut

Melissa Wright

Madison Jackson

Angela Gordon

Ashley Tucker

Kristen Harmsen

crystal graham

Erin Pinaire

Jenna Barazi

Tiffani Dazey

Lora Nelson

Wendy Keatts

Anna Blessing

Liesel Lancaster

Chelsea Johnson

Rachelle Braymiller

Amber Anstine

Lindsay Newman

Malissa Mountz

Jami Halverson

Kaitlin Hayner

Jessica Foy

Jamie Warren

Autumn Kirk

Kindra Callahan

Morgan Combs

Tiffany Mohr

Sarah DeBolt

Jennifer Hargis

Amy McConville

Mary Hudgens

Jennifer Davis

Abigail Golebiowski

Melissa Neach

Heather Stoehr

Hannah Parrott

Tara Sheets

Candace Rivet

Amie Foutz

Leslie Isonhart