Week of January 21st...

LA Staff News


Monday: Last day for Panorama survey. MAKE-UPS only


Wednesday: Art attending a work session for a Kauffman Grant



To do this week:

Mid-Year PDP is due in January. I believe you go into the NEE system, provide a narrative update, and submit it to me.

The technology department would like to know what digital citizenship lessons we have conducted. If we have not, we can use another school's lesson. When can we slip this in???

Upcoming dates to note:

1/22: Panorama Survey Administration Deadline

1/24-25: Mark is gone to the BIST Leadership Conference

1/25: Safe Schools Due

1/28: Visible Learning at LA 8-11 (Art, Chad, Summer, Melissa)

1/31: Visible Learning Cohort in PM (Summer and Paul)

2/28: HOPE Awards at HMS

Late winter/early spring: The

Library Media Services Update

I met with Andrea Sumy last week. Here are some notes:

  • Let me know ASAP if you are interested in 4 shelving units. I wondered if you wanted something like this to help break up the large group from the annex in the south building. They are about four foot tall. We do have more books than shelves, so this would solve that problem.
  • Over Spring Break, Jeanette Priebe and Andrea Sumy will come in to weed and refresh the book collection.
  • They need us to designate a teacher contact for library services for our building.
  • She's going to check in with Dr. Heide about providing us a ZSpace for next year. (Remember, this is the mobile unit the kids loved a few years ago--they have modules for AutoTech, etc. which could supplement some of the things we do here when we are not on site.)
  • We will let them know if we want to visit the LMS ZSpace or borrow another ZSpace after we have a lead ZSpace teacher identified. (Anyone??) We can sign up for an account on ZSpace Edu to explore the models and activities that the different ZSpace software applications will give us.
  • Let me know if you have any needs that can be met by the remaining library funds dedicated to our building: $635 books, $225 resources, $156 periodicals.
  • The LMC also has some unused robotic kits. Let me know if you'd be interested in using them.

Liberty Academy Staff Member of the Year

Update: Obviously this didn't happen last week. Look for me to get this done THIS WEEK!

It's that time! In your mailbox you will find a list of all staff members at LA. Please put 1, 2, and 3 by your top three choices for staff member of the year. We would like to have 100% participation, so please fill the ballot out and put it in the envelope by the mailboxes by Tuesday. We will find a non-staff member to tally the results for us!