The False Prince

By Jennifer A. Nielsen

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The story begins...

Sage is an orphan who is rude, and disrespectful. He is stolen from his orphanage by a high regent for the Royal family in Carthya, named Bevin Conner. He takes him out of the orphanage to try and pass him of as Prince Jaron, son of King Eckbert, after being missing. Jaron's family was killed by Avenian pirates, brutal beings that do anything to make profit. Jaron's body was never found, therefore justifying Conner to say that Jaron is still alive. Conner grabs two other boys, Roden, large and unintelligent, and Tobias, Intelligent, but weak. Who will be the false Prince?

The Boss

Bevin Conner

Bevin Conner is high regent. A regent is an electable person to rule as king when all of the royal family has died. He is very wise, and means good things for Sage, but is very bossy, and sometimes beats Sage for punishment. Conner is wise, a leader, and controlling.

The soon-to-be Royals


Sage is a young orphan. His parents were very poor, and could not afford to raise him. He is very disrespectful, and rebellious. He doesn't like to be pushed around, or told what to do. He is stubborn, stuck-up, and irritable.

Other Characters

"There are no shortcuts to any place worth going" - Beverly Sills


Man v Man

I think the theme is man v man because Roden, Tobias, and Sage are competing to get the throne and be Prince Jaron.

This is a story about...


This story is about survival to me because the three boys pulled from the orphanage are competing to be Prince Jaron.

Fighting for the Crown

Tobias does what he must.

"'I stole it from the kitchen.' He pressed the long end of the blade into my back and I stiffened as I felt it cut. It was a razor-sharp blade. 'If the whipping wasn't enough, maybe I can stop you" Tobias does this to Sage to try to scare him into not wanting to be Prince anymore.


The item in the book is the "gold" rock. It symbolizes hard-headedness and being stubborn. Sage refuses to give it to Conner, and gets sent to the dungeon because of it.


Carthya is a very mystical, beautiful place. It is very wooded, and grassy. There are many castles and homes
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